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February Holidays for Sun, Sea and Valentine’s Day

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I think everyone has their own different times of the year when they like to go away. Some people prefer to go during the full peak season when there are plenty of tourists around, when the sunshine is at its hottest, and when everything is in full swing. Myself, I prefer to get away during the cooler months of the year in the northern hemisphere. This means that I can leave my home country of the UK, and generally travel to a warmer climate for a week’s break. For me, February holidays are my favourite time to do this.

The reason why I like to get away at this time of the year is because they can take advantage of cheap holidays. In the northern hemisphere, the period between October and around May is usually the off-peak season. This means that everything is going to be a lot cheaper. So, I can virtually be guaranteed to get some of the best hotels at the best price as possible. I can also be guaranteed to get great deals on car hire and also the flights are going to take me to that destination, which is usually Alicante from me.

But one of the best things about getting away in February is that I can take advantage of Valentine’s Day. Now, if I was to stay at home for Valentine’s Day, I would still have to take my loved one out for a meal, treat her to flowers, and buy her chocolate, etc. But, I am always going to be ripped off by doing this at home. I hate to do this at home, because I hate to get ripped off. So, instead, I start looking on the Internet around November for the classiest room that I can find in them is available at a good price in February. I always get a good deal in the room, my wife is always delighted by such a romantic gesture, and we really have a great time. And the best thing is that I get good brownie points for the rest of the year.

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