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Fake Orchids And Their Lasting Appeal

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Fresh cut orchids are a lovely addition to any home, office or other similar place, but they have a limited life. Having fake orchids instead which are made of silk can have the same effect, as these beautiful artificial flowers can look almost real.

Real orchids when cut may last for up to three to four weeks, but will continually lose flowers over this period reducing the effect these flowers have when they are given to someone. When giving a bouquet or single silk orchid to a person it is found that these will last an indefinite length of time.

These fake species are made to look like the beautiful arrangements or single flowers of the real thing. With the many delicate shapes and colors of the cattleya, phalaenopsis and cymbidium orchids there are many artificial ones to choose from.

Anyone contemplating a wedding and looking at making a corsage for the groom, best man, brides father etc, may find these can be made well ahead of time as they do not wilt or die. Even the bouquet for the bride and the bridesmaids may be made from these many lovely and colorful fake orchids and can also be done well ahead.

The bouquet for the bride on her wedding day could be kept afterwards for many years and would be a reminder of the wonderful day she and her partner had. A lovely gift of flowers to give might be a single stem orchid or several for someone in hospital who may be ill or has a new baby. As they are fake they will last and are easy to care for, unlike the real ones.

For those men who like to give a lady friend a single flower now and then to express how they feel, then giving a fake silk orchid that will last for a long time may be a lovely gift of love. These beautiful silk flowers have many uses as they look almost like they are real, and this can be appealing to quite a number of people.

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