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Elegance in Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

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An engagement proposal is the beginning of the vow to forever love a person. Before the wedding day when the couple stands in front of their families and friends to profess their love for each other, the man has first to propose to the woman he loves. And a proposal is made more special with an engagement ring to signify that a woman has accepted a man’s proposal and they are now getting married. But the perfect engagement ring is quite difficult to come by. There are many kinds of engagement ring cuts out there. But cushion cut engagement rings, with a unique and rare cut, is a gem to behold.

During the 1800s, the cushion cut engagement ring started to be noticed. This kind of cut also became known as the antique cushion cut engagement ring probably because it became popular centuries ago. Because it looks like a plum pillow, it was called the cushion cut. This kind of cut has became known in our history as a rare and sophisticated cut that is a very beautiful symbol of love.

It has a unique shape and it is because of this shape that makes it work well as a solitaire amongst others. Because of this design, it is very beautiful and pleasing to the eyes.

Like other engagement rings, the cushion cut engagement ring should have a setting to go with it. There are various types of settings for such a ring such as the halo and the pave settings. It would be best if you already have an idea of what kind setting to get for your ring when visiting the local jeweller.

It will help you a lot especially when you are browsing through the selection they have. If none suit your liking, you may have a custom setting made for your diamond. Be warned though as this kind of cut is hard to come by, it also comes at quite a price. But regret not because the woman who is to wear such a ring will be proud to narrate the story behind it and its beauty.

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