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Electric Wheatgrass Juicers Vs Manual juicers

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There are a lot of people jumping into the wheatgrass juice bandwagon after people have become aware of its many health benefits. And surely, wheatgrass juicers have also gained popularity for those who would want to make their own wheatgrass juice at home. While there are many wheatgrass juicers to choose from, there’s one main consideration when buying one which can greatly help in narrowing down the choices. You can either choose to have a manual or an electric wheatgrass juicer.

A manual wheatgrass juicer operates by crank mechanism which means there’s no choice but to get physical. It isn’t a very tough job but if you’re making several shots/glasses for eager friends and relatives all in the same time, it can be an exercise. One thing’s for sure is it operates silently and it costs half than the electric version, and sometimes even twice as cheap. Another thing is manual wheatgrass juicers are light and portable. An electric wheatgrass juicer is certain to get 10 points for ease of use. Once you load all the grass you want to juice, you can leave the juicer to do its job, do a little kitchen cleanup, then get ready for your healthy shot. Electric juicers tend to be noisier than their manual counterparts though but it isn’t loud enough to annoy, you’ll definitely know if someone is juicing in the kitchen. Electric wheatgrass juicers are also bulkier with all the cords and motor parts than a manual one. It needs its own semi-permanent place in the kitchen, much so like a microwave, so that you won’t have to keep bringing it out and setting it up for use every time. As expected, electric wheatgrass juicers cost significantly more than manual juicers ranging from 200-500USD on the average while manual ones cost anything from 30-100USD.

In the end, whether it’s portability, price or ease of operation you choose over the other criteria, both wheatgrass juicer types are tasked to produce healthy and vitamin rich green wheatgrass juice every single time you use them.

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