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Easy International Travel Following International Luggage Policies

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When we are selecting the appropriate luggage for international travel we need to accommodate it according to the luggage policies of the country we are aiming to travel to. We need to learn about this luggage and travel policy in advance in order to be prepared to fulfil the rules and avoid problems with the customs. If we are travelling by airlines we need to find out about the luggage classification and the rules concerning our luggage, its size, capacity and weight.

The two most common luggage classifications with the airlines are carry-on luggage and check in luggage. Carry-on luggage can be brought in on board with the traveller and placed under the seat or above the seat in the area specialized for storing carry-on luggage. Usually the dimensions for this luggage are about 12″ x 21″ x 7.5″, the capacity is around 1799 cubic inches, like on the carry-on luggage of the brand Bramble and Brown Contemporary Holdall. Antler is another brand which offers variety of carry-on luggage.

Samsonite and International Traveller Luggage can offer variety of check in luggage with dimensions like 20″ x 23″ X 8.5 and capacity of about 3944 cubic inches. This type of luggage is not allowed to take on board in the plane with the traveler but it is carried in the carriage of the plane. There are also strict rules concerning the size, capacity and weight of this type of luggage. We should be especially careful in not exceeding the weight of these bags because otherwise we will need to be charged with a fee.

We must also be very careful in learning about the rules for restricted items because many countries have different policies when this is in question. Knowing all these things in advance will help us to get around the airport quickly and with no inconveniences at all.

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