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Do online games promote aggression?

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As mostĀ  of you may know boys haveĀ  a greater natural tendency towards aggression than girls do. Just watch little boys playing with each other to see how true that is. I personally have both boys and girls and the difference in the way the children play is glaring in their differences. There was a period of time when liberals were pushing the idea that boys ad girls were the same. They were saying that its only our views of the children that makes them different. That nurture does it, not nature.

As time went on this has proven to be false. All one has to do is go to any coed preschool or kindergarten classroom and watch the kids in action for a few minutes and you will get your answer. Or speak to the teacher, or even better speak to the mothers of these children.

The question becomes are there things that can promote aggression in boys or is it all natural. The answer to that is yes, it is natural but not to every boy. Not all boys are naturally aggressive but yes watching aggressive shows on television and playing aggressive online games will definitely help make boys more aggressive. Its like setting fire to an already flammable object. Many boys go for 2 player games online which include fighting and car racing games.

These games tend to be very violent which tends to release the testosterone that is already very prevalent in boys genes. We can contrast this with games that little girls play like

Hannah Montana games or other barbie type games. These type of games are obviously very tame and appeal to the calmer more docile nature of girls.

This is not to say that there are no girls that enjoy more aggressive and violent online games because there are and at the same token there are boys that can enjoy the quieter girls type of games as well.

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