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Disadvantages of Being a Workaholic

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There is a difference from working hard and being a workaholic. While the first one is important, the latter can destroy your health, productivity and even your relationships in the long term. Workaholism is a psychological disorder where people gain arousal or satisfaction from working. Soon they become addicted to it neglecting other facets of life that needs their attention too. Workaholics spend unreasonable long hours that have been putting too much strain in relationships, rest and even low-quality work. It can result to broken marriages, lost opportunities and even mental or behavioral effects. If you have been rationalizing your hard work take a look on why it is not good to be a workaholic.

Loss of energy

People that are hard at work tend to spend off their energy. This can have an impact on the quality time you give to other people in your life. Friends and family depend on you to have a meaningful impact in their lives. How could you achieve this meaning if you are dead tired working? If you engage in office work there may not be much of a problem being a workaholic. There is a problem if you engage in manual labor where there is too much energy being spent. Try to change your values about work and balance the need to work and the need to attend to the needs of your friends and family.

Loss of concentration

Workaholics spend countless hours doing work when they are no longer supposed to. The fatigue can be seen both physically and mentally. Often people that are mentally tired have focusing or concentration issues. A tired mind could only work at a certain level where it goes all downhill from there. It is always recommended to give the body and mind some rest. Loss of concentration could spell doom and cause low-quality production aside from seeing symptoms of anxiety over the work rate.

Loss of happiness

When you are tired from working often you lose concentration and feel irritated. This can put a strain on your personal and social connections. You will not be able to retain friends if you are always agitated and not easy to be with. You have become a grumpy person when in fact you don’t have to be. Try to re-align your priorities to include the pursuit of peace of mind. Money means nothing if you don’t have inner peace and happiness that could be the reason why you are working in the first place.

Loss of quality

People that are obsessive about work often do not churn out quality work. For them work is mechanical and there is no need to check for quality. As long as they are able to produce, that’s it. Never mind about how it turns out as long there is an output. This could mean only one thing: getting fired. Cut back on overtimes and even consider bringing down the work assignments that you do. This will give you time to evaluate your performance and see to it that your output is at least near perfect.

Loss of enjoyment

All work and no play make Dave a dull boy. It is an age-old adage which is true then and even more so now. Enjoy life while you can and you can’t do the laser tag with your kids if you don’t have the opportunity to enjoy.

Loss of time

A workaholic person will have less time to spend with family. This could lead to divorce at worse or aloof children. Take a look at your values and find out if putting more effort on the job is worth the time taken away from your family to enjoy your company. Your life is not tied to your work. In fact your company will only take a few days to find your replacement if you leave but your family will suffer for a lifetime if you go away. Think about what really matters to you.

Learn to lessen your overtime schedule so can have some time bonding with the family which can tone down the tension that you get from working. Tension can build up in your body and mind which can also result to stress and anxiety. Anxiety and stress has an impact on your mental health if it remains unabated.

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