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Delonghi Coffee Machine

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Coffee in restaurants often taste freshly brewed and the overwhelming aroma can be very pleasant. Coffee houses have popped up all over cities as the popularity of the drink rises. Manufacturers are starting to understand that while coffee drinkers enjoy getting coffee while they are out, these individuals would also enjoy having their favorite drink in their own home. Coffee machines are on the market that can help the same great flavor of a coffee house become a reality in the home. Among the many machines for sale is the Delonghi Magnifica. This is an automatic espresso machine that fits on the counter. This coffee brewing machine can make even just one or two cups of coffee with whatever grounds you choose.

The Delonghi machine has many features allowing you to adjust the strength of your drink any way you like. There are built-in bean grinders that include several different settings. You will have the ability to grind and brew your coffee on the spot so it tastes the freshest. The dispensing spot can also adjust in height to allow for different sizes of cups. The double boiler on the machine will help reduce the time between coffee brewing and frothing.

There is also a removable warming tray underneath the spout that has the capacity to hold sixty ounces of water. You can also bypass the grinder and use coffee grounds instead of fresh beans if you prefer. The Delonghi machine is only 14 inches tall and 15 inches wide. It is made of durable plastic and all of the controls are conveniently located on the front of the machine. The coffee maker is a muted silver color and could also be used to heat water if you want to make tea. For coffee-lovers, this all-in-one machine can grind and brew your coffee in just a few short minutes bringing you the fresh taste of coffee right at home.

Check this out Gaggia classic or Delonghi EC155.

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