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Cricut Machines Create Great Designs

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The advantage in doing scrapbooking or cake decorating activities these days is the fact that innovative and groundbreaking tools are now available to help both the skilled and unskilled users to create beautiful and inspired pieces of work in a simple and easy manner. The equipments that are currently making waves among the many enthusiasts of the activities mentioned are the Cricut machines. Manufactured by Provo Craft, each of these machines is a complete package of functions and features that ensures only excellent outputs.

The most popular models of these tools include the Cricut Imagine, Cricut Expression, and the Cricut cake machine. They are versatile and user friendly equipments which can be operated with ease and simplicity of pushing a button. All of them also are total stand alone machines which mean that they can be operated without the need of a personal computer in order to view and select the designs to be use. Instead what they have are touch screen displays that allows the user to preview the designs and choose later on what he or she needs for the project.

The Cricut Imagine is known for the sharp and bright qualities of the colors of all the print out decorations it produces since it is supported by Hewlett-Packard Printing Technology. The Cricut Expression on the other hand is ideal for projects that deal with larger format letterings and forms. It can print out the designs in both paper sizes of 12 x 12 inches and 12 x 24 inches. Postings in bulletin boards, banner, and other large signs can be done using this model. The Cricut machine meanwhile performs the same functions but not on paper but on rolled gum paste. It made the process of making cake embellishment easier and faster to finish.

All of these machine use cartridges technology in storing the collections of designs that will be printed out. Normally, one or two are included as part of the package when a Cricut machine is bought. However for more extensive collections of designs, new cartridges should be purchase.

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