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Cremation or Traditional Burial

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Passing away is part of life’s cycle. We can never stop someone from dying. When moments like this come, there are things that need some decision. Preparations for the burial or cremation is should be done. Even when you are grieving for the one that you loved who passed away, you have to decide and plan if you want to have a traditional burial or do cremation for the remains. It may not be that easy but you have do what is to be done, you cannot just let the body and remains of your loved one decays.

Cremation comes from the Latin word crematus, which mean to burn into ashes. In the process, the body or remains of the decease will be burnt until it turns into ashes. Some people choose to cremate the remains of their loved ones for practicality and others do this because of family traditions that have been passed through to generations.

The obvious the difference between cremation and the traditional burial is that cremation is burning the remains while the traditional burial or burial is the body or remains is buried 6 feet under the ground without burning it. At the same time, in cremation, embalming is not necessary, while in burial it is necessary that the remains will be embalmed. In terms of funeral, burial has to have funeral, in cremation, funeral is just an option.

Cremation is cheaper than burial. Aside from spending for the funeral service, burial requires a casket for the remains, which is of course means spending another amount. For cremation, when the family decides to have a funeral before cremating the remains of their loved one, they do not need to purchase a casket they can just rent it. For the ashes of the cremated body, you can place it inside a container or urns. Usually, crematoriums have it all ready. Plastic containers and cardboard boxes are usually used and offered by crematoriums. On the other hand, if you want to have a different container, you can purchase a metal container. You can even have the design you want for it.

Whether you decided to have a traditional burial or a cremation, still the decision is in you. It is better to be guided well and have all the information you need. Both have differences, both have advantages.  Discussing with the rest of the family members will help you choose and decide well on moments of grief.

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