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Creative Management Of Research And Development

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Creative management of innovation teams requires making a balance between the unstructured nature of idea creation along with the necessity of an organize the production of work. In this article, we take a look at some of the management techniques you can use to try and make the two different areas of innovation and implementation work better.

By its very nature, creative project management is all about trying to put structure on the delivery of work. This involves using company norms and processes to dictate how work should actually be implemented. However, teams involved in research and development or innovation are involved with the formulation of new ideas which cannot be predicted. By necessity, innovation teams need to be given the freedom to brainstorm ideas and test out new concepts in new product innovation strategy.

The dilemma for management is the fact that the output of innovation teams has to feed into other product delivery groups. Therefore it is necessary to put some form of structure on the work that is done by these teams.

There are two elements to managing these types of ideation groups. The first element is that the research and development teams have to realize that their methods, work practices and deliverables have to fit into the greater scheme of the company. It is important for them to realize that they have goals and deliverables that have a bearing on other groups in the company.

The second element that creative management teams should insist upon is that all research and development work is initiated and driven by proper project proposals. This means that the teams need to give some form of work breakdown structures, time-lines, resource requirements and costs in order for their work to be even started. This provides management with the ability to track and monitor their progress and make sure that any dependent teams (in product delivery) are not going to be affected by any delays.

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