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Cool New Plastic Business Cards Trends

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It is only when you go to a conference do you realize some of the new design trends in plastic business cards. The range of color, shape and plastic materials can vary a great deal in the cards you receive from other delegates.

The latest trend in 2011 has been the use of clear business card designs. These have been facilitated by advancements in plastics which allow greater quality of color separation and clarity in the translucent element of plastics themselves. Combine this with the use of CMYK four-color process printing and you have the ability to provide high clarity designs and fonts within plastics.

The major drawback with the use of clear plastics has however been the necessity to go for thicker cards. These can prove to be a little bit too bulky for carrying around the day-to-day basis so many of the thicker style cards are often simply used at conferences.

With these are trends to follow is to go for smaller card sizes. Using a standard card size (3.5″ x 2″) is no longer a necessity. Credit card size can be little bit too big so many users are going for the half-size or even custom smaller sizes. Advancements in die-cutting processes also mean that you could get completely bespoke plastic business cards if you so desired. The major drawback of these is however going to be the costs involved which can prove to be quite heavy unless you go for high-volume wholesale purchases.

Finally, one of the most interesting trends this year has been the use of variables data in business card designs. You may often see this printed on the back of cards where unique URL web addresses are provided or special codes for competitions. These are an enticing marketing technique that can be used in cooperation with your own marketing monitoring systems to track how well each campaign actually works.

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