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Consuming Less Energy with Hinkley Outdoor Lighting

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With more than 80 years of excellent customer service and product excellence, Hinkley outdoor lighting manufactures high-quality outdoor fixtures that we enjoy today. These outdoor lights are manufactured using top-quality materials to provide you with a durable and quality product.

Using these outdoor lights is very convenient since its system consumes only about 25% of the energy used by typical light bulbs – and you can save a lot of money that way. Almost all of the products from Hinkley are awarded an Energy Star. It means that these particular products are very energy efficient – which is a very helpful feature since saving money has always been a priority of every consumer.

When an electrical appliance consumes less energy, the heat energy produced by these fixtures also drops significantly along with the electrical bills monthly. And less heat means less wear and tear and thus extending the lifespan of your valuable outdoor lighting fixtures.

One of the problems with too much heat in outdoor lights is the insects that it attracts. Night-time insect specifically are attracted to the heat these fixtures emit. However, Hinkley outdoor lights don’t give off too much heat therefore these critters won’t disturb you every night. Not only will you save more money by consuming less energy, you won’t need to replace the light bulbs frequently.

These Energy-Saving lights are designed to use small amounts of energy as well as radiate bright and stable light all throughout the evening. Hinkley lighting offers a wide range of different models in different classes so that you can have lots of choices for you house. EPA and DOE has approved Hinkleys outdoor fixtures as above standard.

Not only does Hinkley lighting offer outdoor fixtures, their company also offers lighting products like pendants, chandeliers, sconces, lamps and much more. There are also available lighting fixtures that come in a set; which makes shopping for lighting fixtures very convenient.

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