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Chrome Outdoor Shower Heads and Other Interesting Fixtures for your Outdoor Shower

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Designing and outdoor shower is just like doing the same with a regular indoor one. You can still be creative without sacrificing convenience. If you want to add some personality to your existing outdoor shower without doing any major renovations, one thing you can try is installing some interesting key pieces. The most important concept when adding a key piece to your outdoor shower, or to any room in your home in fact, is contrast. Try to get pieces that will be pleasantly surprising and creatively out of place.

A chrome shower head will be an interesting piece in an outdoor shower since we usually associate outdoor showers with nature themed or oriental designs. If your existing design is something similar, a chrome shower head will give your outdoor shower an interesting contrast by lending it a look of modernity and sleekness. If you do get a chrome shower head for your outdoor shower, however, keep in mind that it will be more vulnerable to deposits of dirt and other things so you will need to clean it regularly. Rain fall chrome outdoor shower heads are very popular and will be complementary to the outdoor showering experience, while hand showers will just be a hassle and will look awkward, so it is not advisable to get that kind for your outdoor shower.

Outdoor showers are usually built with shower enclosures around to provide privacy. While this is a good idea and will definitely be convenient, you are not limited to shower enclosures. Another interesting piece that you can put in your outdoor shower is a shower curtain. This can lend a burst of color to your otherwise green landscape. Try to get a shower curtain in bright, solid colors or fun patterns. An advantage to this is also that shower curtains will be easier to clean than enclosed outside showers.

Do not be afraid to bring out decorative pieces as well, such as interesting sculptures, although you might want to avoid adding plants.

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