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Choosing A Small Car Fridge

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If you frequently take camping trips you may be thinking about the addition of a small fridge freezer unit to your camping equipment. A camping fridge can be a very useful piece of kit; and available in two basic types – 12v fridge on the propane fridge. This article explores the two options.

12 V fridges of the type usually associated with vehicular use. A car fridge‘s operated by during current from the vehicle starter battery. Depending on the sophistication of the car fridge freezer unit, this can safely be done with the vehicle turned off for a few minutes for the cheap refrigerators of today’s for the high-end expensive compressor style 12 V car fridge freezers.

If you are taking a car fridge out on camping trips, the new Hollywood operate the unit for quite some time without the backup of the vehicles engine. For this reason you should only consider and expensive compressor style car fridge for this purpose – these cost around $800 – is only this type will allow you to maintain this extended level of operation.

The other option for a camping fridge is to utilize a propane refrigerator for your cooling needs. If you opt for this type of refrigeration then you need to take a source of propane along with you on your trips. While this may seem a little inconvenient, a medium-sized tank of propane will power a small fridge for a very long time.

Another advantage is that this type of small refrigerator is a lot cheaper. While it makes more noise than a car fridge the money to be saved by purchasing a propane refrigerator may leave you willing to put up with the hassle of transporting propane.

No matter which type of small fridge you choose – a car fridge or propane fridge – having a refrigerator under camping trips is very handy indeed.

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