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Cheaper To Buy Secondhand Stairlift

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Stairlifts have transformed the lives of many people with disabilities or handicaps. They offer freedom to go up and down stairs safely, easily and without pain. Invented decades ago, stairlifts have changed dramatically over the years.   Modern home and public lifts are now easier to use and less expensive. Families with disabilities are no longer forced to move from their homes and into a house just to avoid stairs.

The trend of online stores selling assistive devices aims to bring all the benefits of stairlifts to your home and make the investment affordable for you. You can find a wide variety of stairlifts, including their components and accessories. New stairlifts are priced competitively between sellers online.

Depending on the brand and added features, stairlifts can cost between $5000 and $10000. A way to avoid the large investment of a new stairlift is through the purchase of a used unit.  There are many used stairlifts that are in excellent condition and work as well as new. You can often find bargains online while finding used stair lifts for sale. For example the cost of Bruno elite stair lift is around $3000, however, a used model online is only around $1500.

These resellers buy used stairlifts from homes which no longer need them, and abandoned buildings.  The devices are reconditioned and certified safe for use. When they meet strict quality standards, they are put on offer for sale at around 40% savings compared to new stairlifts.  Second hand stairlifts will fit budget of most people. The advice when purchasing old stairlifts is to always inspect it yourself and also test the system together with the seller. You want to make sure that there are no hidden issues with the device you are buying. The best way is to engage certified testers of stair lift who will be able to inspect the condition of the device and give it a stamp of approval.

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