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Cheap Home Decor – Ideas for Small Bathrooms

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A tiny bathroom may present you with limited layout options, but clever design ideas can make it feel less cramped. Cheap home decor, large mirrors and unobtrusive glass shelving can help to maximize the space in a narrow room. Color schemes for bathrooms can be a challenge, for example, in a very small room you should restrict your main palette to just two plain shades – you can always add tiny amounts of accent color to liven up the look. White is an obvious choice if you want to increase the feeling of space; the effect can be softened by teaming it with a calming shade of aqua. Using the two shades as plain blocks of color keeps the look simple – the white is used for the tiles and upper walls, while the green could cover other surfaces.

A tapered bath may be an option in a small and cramped bathroom; as it will allow plenty of space for other units. If you are looking into adding a clean and contemporary appeal, glass shelves give a more open look than those made from solid materials. You can support them with discreet white brackets that will blend in with the wall if you’ve decided to also paint it white. Whatever color you choose for your walls, the brackets will “disappear” and blend in if you paint them in the same color.

Every bathroom needs at least one mirror, so make full use of their space enhancing properties. Large mirrors visually expand a small room by reflecting space and light, and placing one on a long wall in a narrow room can make it feel twice as wide. This works in any room in the house, but small bathrooms in particular gain a lot with the use of mirrors as they are usually really cramped with all the accessories needed daily.

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