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Breakfast Nook Furniture as Storage

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Most kitchens tend to get more and more cluttered as time goes on because you accumulate more and more things that you need to store there. In addition, since families spend a majority of their time together in the kitchen it is naturally a hub of activity and where most homework will get done, most art projects will be completed, and most family nights will occur. Therefore, you need ideas on how to increase your kitchen storage options. Breakfast nooks and more specifically the furniture inside the breakfast nook is an excellent opportunity. You have not only the breakfast nook table but also the breakfast nook seating arrangements to work with when you are using your breakfast nook furniture for storage.

Breakfast nook furniture storage comes in many forms, but one of them is drawers in the breakfast nook table. You can find tables with drawers in the sides that are similar in shape and function to the middle drawer in an office desk. That middle drawer is deep and large in square footage, but small in terms of vertical depth. That means you can store paperwork here that you might want to have handy in the kitchen like the instruction manuals for seldom used kitchen appliances. A second idea would be to use the drawers for your kids to store school or art supplies. This will give them everything they need to stay busy while you get meals together.

Your breakfast nook set table can also provide storage another way. Instead of drawers in the sides, you could make the entire area under the table top storage. You would access this large square footage by lifting the table top like the lid of a storage chest or picnic basket. Since you have to clear the entire table to access the things you store in there, you do not want them to be items you need frequently. Instead, you should store things that you will only need when the table is empty like fresh table linens and place mats.

If you are looking for a place to store some larger items like kitchen table cloths, large food containers from bulk stores or small kitchen appliances, then you might turn to breakfast nook benches with storage. A corner breakfast nook with two large benches in the corners can give you two large storage chests where the bench seat is a lid to a chest. Breakfast nook sets with storage are great because you are utilizing space that would normally be wasted. The space under a breakfast nook bench might as well be used for storage because otherwise it will just be empty space.

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