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Bluegill Fishing Tips Video

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If you have ever been fishing for bluegill, than you know what a good time it can be.  Bluegill are a small species of panfish that look similar to perch or crappie.  They have a characteristic blue colored gill plate, with yellow bellies that make them almost look tropical.  Whether you are an experienced fishing veteran, or a child just getting into fishing, bluegill are a joy to fish for.  They are very widespread throughout the US, and eat just about anything, which makes them easy to catch.

Bluegill can be caught with every kind of fishing method imaginable.  If you are an avid fly fisherman, you will be able to land these fish on a fly.  Just stuff enough dry flies in your fly fishing chest pack to last the day.  They eat everything from insects and minnows to household food items, like bread and corn.  Because they aren’t picky eaters, like trout, they are relatively easy to catch.  Kids will have a great time reeling these fish in.  They also aren’t huge, which means small children will be able to land them, but still feel the fight, as bluegill as feisty fighters.

If you have never been bluegill fishing, you might want to watch a bluegill fishing tips video.  They might offer some insight on where to find the fish or what types of baits work in different parts of the US or on different waters.  Bluegill like to stay hidden as much as possible, so fishing for them around submerged cover like logs or rocks, will be the most productive.  They also stay together in schools of 20-30 fish, so once you catch one, you will catch many more.  Remember to bring along a lot of different kinds of bait to try, so that if one doesn’t work, another will land you your limit.

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