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Black and Crystal Chandeliers

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The war between black and crystal chandeliers has only been going on for a short amount of time, and it looks like black chandeliers are winning.  Ordinary crystal chandelier lighting has been around since the eighteenth century, when lead crystal was discovered and the refractive glass was used to scatter the light of candles through a room. Nowadays, however, chandeliers are an art focal point of the room and might not even be there to be the light of the room at all.

Which is where black chandeliers come in.  The purpose of getting a gorgeous, elegant, sophisticated chandelier is to make your house gorgeous, elegant and sophisticated.  Black chandeliers come in many designs and can transmit every look, from modern to gothic, just by being the end accent of a room.  Done right, they are well worth the cost and will be a worthwhile investment in making your house the envy of the neighborhood.

The cheapest black chandeliers are in the one hundred dollar range at the very cheapest, and the price scale goes up to a thousand dollars and beyond.  Depending on the type of crystal, the size of the chandelier, and other factors such as the decorative chains or fabrics in some of them, you get what you’re paying for, but you may not need to pay a whole lot to add them to your home.  The sorriest thing that can happen to a big, beautiful black chandelier is to be hung in a tiny little room that’s way too little room for way too much chandelier.

A smaller chandelier will work just fine or better for a smaller room.  You want the chandelier to compliment the room, not the other way around.  There’s a practical side for that as well:  they give off heat, and too much chandelier with not enough air conditioning can make the room quite humid and unpleasant for its occupants.  However you do it, a black chandelier will make for a gorgeous addition to your home.

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