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Better Ways to Respond to an Irate Person

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Have you been on a situation that you don’t know what do with an irate person shouting at the top of her voice? We all experience the same situation at some point in our lives. But there are jobs where people get tons of irate persons getting into their faces or ears literally. Customer service people and even those people you call for complaints happen to be at the receiving end of complaints from irate persons. The good news is that people that always engage with irate people can arm themselves with great tips to manage this potentially awkward situation.

Listen, just listen

The first thing that you should do when somebody is freaking out and shouting at the top of his lungs is to listen. Don’t mind the cuss words, never mind what the person is saying just listen because it is easy to make matters worse if you are not listening. Listening means you are attentively getting to the root of what the person is trying to say. Often times the person who is calling or approaching customer service has some complaint. The complaint may be caused by the company’s fault or the policies or just plain stupidity on the part of the customer or person. The best way to diffuse this situation is never engage in an argument and just listen.

No need to agree

It doesn’t count if you agree or not with the person. Your thoughts and feelings are important but it would not help to solve the issues. Unless they are personally angry with you, the emotions should not muddle your effort to help resolve the conflict. Getting emotionally involved means that you are letting your guard down and going away of solving the problem which is the point in the first place. Never let the other person feel that you are agitated about the actions because it will only cause a further flare-up.

Empathize always

Sorry is not enough. Empathy takes the round. People find it hard to say sorry if the situation is not their fault. But saying sorry means that you understand the inconvenience and you are able to relate where they are coming from. It is not a matter of pride anymore. Interestingly when you empathize majority of irate people tend to cool down and become sensible. They feel that you are able to connect and will do the best that you can to remedy the situation.

Warn without hesitation

There are times that irate people would threaten you with bodily harm. A fair warning would suffice and find every conceivable way to find some protection. Leave the area immediately or call your supervisor if necessary. Never counter an attempt of bodily harm with violence or force because it will only justify the actions of the irate person.

Change the topic

After you have calmed down the irate person it is best to change the topic away from the issues. Try to build rapport with the customer. You don’t need to get a reply understandably because they are still upset with the situation.

Offer some assurance

When you can tell the person that you are in control of the situation, you will do everything in your capacity to solve the issue. You may not be able to solve it right there but tell them you will be contacting them as soon as the problem is solved. Tell them what you are going to do and if you can offer your direct line or your name. If the irate person is someone that you personally know, encourage him to trust you and try to solve the difficult situation in the most civil manner possible. Know what the best course of action for the situation is. This way you get to have the monkey riding on your back taken down for a moment.

Hey, they are not actually mad at you but what they are really mad about is the situation that they are in. As a human being you cannot help but to feel hurt about being shouted at especially if somebody else screwed up and caused the damage. People that are mad tend to feel relief about the situation if you allow them to calm their nerves and to arrest the symptoms of anxiety that they feel about the botched situation.

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