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Benefits of Directional Drilling

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Directional drilling, also called slant drilling, refers to the practice of drilling an angled or non-vertical well. This revolutionary drilling technique is utilized in the creation of a large number of modern wells. There are substantial benefits associated with directional drilling rendering it an extremely useful procedure in appropriate situations.

Angular drilling through a reservoir can increase the length of these exposed section. Directional drilling can also be used to group wellheads together at one surface location. This allows for a lower amount of disturbed surface area and less required rig movements, which in turn lowers the cost of operation. In addition, drilling into a reservoir with no feasible vertical access point is made possible with directional drilling.

Finally, this drilling technique can be used to create a relief well when necessary. Relief wells are used in situations where well is producing too much and causing a build-up of pressure. The relief well is created in a position that intersects the well with too much pressure, and then kill fluid is pumped into the relief well to lower the pressure. Before the development of this special technique, a blowout well was considered quite a tragedy with little hope of redemption.

A driller drills a directional well based on a predetermined well path created by geologists and engineers. Throughout the drilling process, the engineers and geologists will continue to review the results of surveys so that the driller can make any necessary corrections. These corrections are usually made by adjusting the drill string weight or rotation speed.

Directional drilling is an advanced technique that can be used in a lot of situations where vertical drilling is not feasible. In addition, this type of drilling can sometimes be used to save money and effort. This is a revolutionary procedure that has dramatically expanded the capabilities of the drilling field.

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