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Be Safe and Precise with Wavefront Lasik

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Wavefront lasik technology is being used in combination with conventional lasik surgery for safer and more precise eye operation. With wavefront lasik, the cost of laser eye surgery is slightly increased. However, you can be sure of your safety and a higher success rate.

What is LASIK?

LASIK (Laser in SItu Keratomileusisis) is simply a method of reshaping the cornea to correct visual problems. It is through this procedure that one can be free from using their contact lenses or glasses. In fact, this surgical procedure has been performed for almost a decade now. As time evolves, the conventional lasik surgery is now combined with wavefront technology. The vision as claimed by patients after the surgery is far way better than normal. The best candidates for wavefront lasik are those with higher aberrations, and those who were not satisfied of their first laser eye surgery.

Advantages of wavefront lasik as compared to conventional lasik

All the data included here are the result of studies done by many and showed that with wavefront lasik, the satisfaction rate of patients is 100%. Patients also claimed that there are less side effects and complications from the surgery. Statistics also show that 70% of the patients gained visual acuity of one to two lines more than what was expected prior to the procedure. The results of wavefront lasik were found to be stable and accurate. In fact, post-operative symptoms like glare, halos, low contrast sensitivity and poor night vision are minimal if not completely absent.

Why do people undergo wavefront lasik surgery?

One of the reasons of having eye surgery is for better appearance. Reasons like tired of wearing glasses, lifestyle and social activities, intolerance with contact lenses as well as cosmetic reasons are the most common. With regards to appeal, it is obviously highly unappealing when you wear glasses. It usually makes you look older. In fact, there are some professions that won’t accept individuals with glasses.

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