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Amazon Kindle Hand Held Reader – The New Age Reading Device

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Amazon became the undisputed market leaders in eBook technology when they launched Kindle products way back in the November of 2007. With the launch of each new version of Kindle, they have endeavored to give us something new and enhance our reading experience, changing the way we access knowledge and information.

This is exactly why everybody wants to know when the Kindle 4 reader will arrive in the market. Kindle 3 was released in the August of 2010 and if past trends are anything to go by we can expect Kindle 4 to be out in the market by late 2011 or early 2012.

So what changes can we expect to see in the new Kindle? In all probability, the first major change we expect to find is Kindle having a color display technology. With color electronic paper displays becoming a reality and E Ink, the company responsible for creating Kindle 3’s black and white display screen, coming up with E Ink Triton, their latest color technology, we are hopeful of finally lay our hands on a color Kindle 4.

The next major change will definitely be the incorporation of touch screen technology to Kindle 4. Amazon has recently bought a touch screen technology company, lending credence to the speculation that this development is bound to happen sooner or later. Besides, touch screen technology allows for easier and faster page navigation and everybody is now demanding this technology from their electronic gadgets.

We can also hope to see a larger display screen in the upcoming model, especially if Amazon incorporates touch screen technology to the new model. A larger model would provide a better medium for installing the new technologies, in addition to helping modernize the design a bit by doing away with the keypads. This would lend more clarity to the text and hence would be a welcome development too.

Although we can only speculate what the next generation Kindle will look like, one thing is for certain and that is to trust Amazon to come up with something which will take the market by storm. Here is hoping Kindle 4 does just that.

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