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Alkaline Rich Foods: Watermelons

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If you’d like to improve your overall health, then you can try out eating watermelons.  Watermelon is a type of food that can give you a good amount of alkaline.  This is because it has many vitamins and minerals that can leave a good amount of alkaline ash residues in the body. You can make really tasty organic juices with these fruits.

If you aren’t familiar with why alkaline health is important, then this article is for you.  Alkalinity is vital for the body to have a good pH level.  A person with high pH level is almost free from all forms of diseases and is in the best shape.   There is no danger of becoming over alkaline if you eat alkaline foods, so don’t worry because even the food with the most alkaline level can still release a bit of acid residue, to balance things out in your system.

With this tiny bit if knowledge about alkaline foods, you might as well consider including alkaline rich foods like watermelon into the diet that you now have.  There are many ways to eat watermelons, but still, the best way is to enjoy it as it is.  Merely slicing through it and then eating it after it’s been cooled in the fridge is rather delicious.

Watermelons can help those couples who find it difficult to conceive a child.  What makes it possible is the substance called arginine.  It has been found to be helpful in erectile complications and also in increasing sperm counts.  There is also another element called lycopene that is very rich in watermelons, it can really help you reduce your chances of acquiring cancer.  It also helps in releasing alkaline residues in the body.  The lutein content in watermelon is surprisingly great in help improve your eyesight.

These are just the beginnings of the dig for a treasure of health that not only the watermelon, but many other alkaline rich foods can magnificently do for you.  You will find out more as you try it out for yourself.

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