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Advantages to a Round Kitchen Table

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Some kitchens are very large and have plenty of space for a table. Others have room for something small, but many are too small for a table, especially if they have an island or peninsula. If you have the room for a kitchen table, whether it’s a lot of room or just a small space, there are many advantages to choosing a round kitchen table to fill the space.

First, round tables are flexible. When you have an awkward space, it can be hard to fit a square or rectangular table because of the points. Even more so, with a square, you are limited to where people can sit around it. With a round table, you can fill in an awkwardly shaped space, and people can adjust where they sit. They can move a few inches this way and that way without having to worry about where on the table they end up.

Second, there are many sizes of round tables that can accommodate your space. You can have a large round table that will accommodate a large family. Some even have leaves to extend the table into an oval. This is great for when you have dinners for a large amount of people. You can keep the table small from day to day to save space, but you have the extra table space available for when you need it. Even without a leaf, you can usually fit more people around a round table, and everyone is closer together so you don’t feel like your missing out on good conversation. There are also very small tables available for kitchenettes or other small areas where you only need space for one or two people.

Finally, some people prefer the aesthetics of a round kitchen table as well. Whether you choose a small glass-top table or a large rustic table, the round design adds a new dimension to an often square or rectangular room. Dress up your table with beautiful seasonal foliage and enjoy both its beauty and functionality all year long.

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