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Add a Feeling of Peace with Green Rugs

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Green has been known for centuries to be the color of peace, tranquility and balance. This color is so versatile that it is nearly impossible to be unable to work it into the decoration of your space, one way or another. Even in a room of largely browns or whites adding a muted green rug will bring a sense of rest to the room.

You might also decide you want your room to be more lively, instead of at rest and peaceful, and if this is the case adding brighter green rugs to the room can give it a more energetic feel. Plus this will add a beautiful splash of color that can be transferred to other areas of the room with small accessories like candles or cushions.

Blue-green is also a great color that gives the space the relaxing feel that most couples want for their bedroom. However, a beautiful neon or lime green rug can be the perfect color to make a child’s room or playroom pop with vibrancy and vivaciousness. Coordinating a green rug with green bedding of the same or very similar colors can add charm to the room, yet still be calming.

Rugs can offer as many choices as fish in a lake sometimes. Some things to keep in mind when choosing a rug, especially a green rug or one of the brighter colors, is to choose one that is easily cleaned and does not bleed dyes when washed or cleaned. Keep in mind that rugs with longer fibers have a tendency to matte down and are therefore, a poor choice for a high traffic area. The fibers will grab and hold onto anything that is left behind, such as dirt.

The fiber of a rug is also an important consideration. Natural fibers and synthetic both have their benefits. Synthetic fiber rugs are made from manufactured material but they tend to hold onto their color longer. If you choose natural fibers, you can rest assured they are made from environmentally friendly, sustainable materials.

Today’s designers have embraced the color green in many of their rug designs and have, therefore, made it easy for you to choose something that will fit into your space. A beautifully chosen green rug is a great way to give your space a sleek, relaxing new look.

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