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Achieving the Right Impression

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In business a lot hinges on that first impression. Artistic business cards are a good way to ensure that a potential client or business partner remembers that first meeting. Likewise, unprofessional looking cards can say the wrong things about a company or store. For the independent consultant or freelance contractor, that first impression can make the difference between getting contracts and going hungry.

Designing an attractive card is very difficult. There are many things to consider, from information density, to font legibility, to color choice, to the overall design. Putting together something may not take very long, and it may seem easy at first, but settling on a good, effective design is very difficult for a layperson to accomplish without qualified help.

In the absence of that help, there are a plethora of business card templates available, both for free or for very little. For the best results a few things should be kept in mind when settling on a design.

Spend some time on the decision. It costs money to print cards, and they are going be around until they’ve all been handed out. Picking the right design is very important.

Templates are templates, not final designs. While a very helpful starting point when designing a business card, they can, and should, be altered and personalized. The more personalized a design is, the better and more effective a card is.

Cute fonts are not always legible. There are a mind-bogglingly enormous number of fonts available, but they are not all created equally. Remember to consider how easy a given font is before a final decision is made.

Qualified help is not always available. The services of a skilled designer are very expensive, and designers who work for cheap are often, sadly, over priced. A business card template is a good place to start and can save the budget conscious business person a great deal of time and money.

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