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I have been a Chef for over 16 years and thought maybe now is time to hang up my ladles. Some of my knowledge is about internet marketing and making money with Adsense also I know a great deal about mortgages which I will pass on to you all out there. Also I will try to write about current issues and some experiences I have come across in my life. I am currently learning all about hubpages and how to monetize my account the best possible way. I am open to any suggestions and comments on my blog to help me improve it.

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I have my two online blogs, the other one which you can visit by clicking here is all about cooking.

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My website, integrated with Adsense,Amazon,Clickbank and WordPress Blog, is fully operational online now and you can visit it by clicking here . It only cost $97/£64 and you can select whichever niche you want for your website and it will be built around it. I have written a series of hubs to explaining how to duplicate what I have done so far, explaining my progress and where to purchase one if you are interested.Visit my hubs on my information website below.

How To Setup and Monetize an Information Website

How To Setup and Monetize an Information Website Part 2

How To Setup and Monetize an Information Website Part 3-Promotion

How to Install YouTube Videos to Your Website

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