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A One-Way Solution For Thinning Hair

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All of us want to look and feel our best every single day when we go out and face the world. But, alas, all of us are only human, and sometimes unfortunate things can happen to us, such as skin problems, illnesses, and thinning hair. Acne, allergies and colds can be easily taken care of, but thinning hair? Unless you’re lucky, you may be genetically predisposed to lose your hair as you get older. Men are not as conscious of their appearance and most accept getting bald as something natural, but the fairer sex can try getting hair plugs for women to keep the appearance of their thick and lustrous manes.

Hair plugs, more formally known as hair restoration surgery procedure, is when a permanent patch of hair is moved to cover a bald spot on your head. This patch can be taken from the lower side of your head, then moved to where the hair is thin and sparse. What makes this surgery so popular is because it looks so natural since your own hair is used, and the results are permanent. Hair plugs are the best option for women who don’t want to bother using spray-on products, wigs or extensions and just fix the problem right away.

Hair restoration surgery is good if you have thin or bald patches, but for women who have thinning hair not in one specific area but all over her head, hair plugs may not be the best answer. If you have no medical condition that is causing your hair to get thin, then focus on eating plenty of protein, fruits and vegetables daily, since a poor diet can cause hair to get brittle and fall out. Give your scalp a gentle massage daily to stimulate blood flow too. Stress can also cause hair to stop growing, so get regular exercise to lower your stress levels and make you feel better.

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