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A Look at the Beauty of Bay Windows

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Bay windows can give a special look to almost any room. They are not just an ordinary every day window, they have a special shape and style. The eye is drawn to a bay window in a home. It is also a style of window that lends itself to unique window treatments, these windows are fun to work with. The first step is to decide on what kind of fabrics work well with your home and the style you would like to use in the room you are working in.

Panels are a nice option for your window. They can be pulled open to let in the bright sunshine, or closed to give you privacy. There are many fabric choices, depending on what your style and likes are. Sheers give the room an open and airy look. Sateen will give the room and elegant more formal look, lace is another option and can look dainty and feminine. For a bedroom and a room that doesn’t seem to heat up as well as the rest of the house, you may want to consider a pair of room darkening thermal curtains. These are good for those who work at night and sleep during the day since they keep the sun out and the room dark, they also help keep the room warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Once you choose your curtains, think about valences or scarf’s to dress up the window even more.

If you do not like curtains, you can add privacy with roll up shades, or blinds. You can find blinds in wood or vinyl that are sized specifically for your bay window treatment. Some people use blinds with just a valence over it to soften the look.

You can find many bay window curtain poles to use in your bay window, poles with brackets are used because of the size of the window. You can top that off with decorative finials in a style that you like. The rods come in different colors to match the decor in your room. If you already have some not in use, you can paint them yourself so you can reuse them.

Finials for the end of your rods can be bought in different material, such as wood, metal and glass. To save some money, you can find directions for making your own rods and finials from items around the house. They are fairly quick and easy to make.

Look at magazines and check online to find looks you like and to get ideas. You can make your bay window the focal point of your room with. Have fun with it and then sit back and enjoy.

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