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A Look at Handicapped Shower Chairs

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Anyone who has had a debilitating injury has experienced how complicated it can be to maneuver within the boundaries of the average shower. For an able-bodied person, entering and exiting shower stall enclosures is a simple task, but for elderly and physically disabled people it can be challenging. For a disabled person who does not have help, it can be even more problematic. A handicapped shower chair solves this issue by providing support to anyone who has limited mobility.

Anyone who has problems with balance, instability or weakness can benefit from the support that a shower chair provides. These chairs help to improve stability and comfort while easing the fear of falling and slipping.

Shower chairs are available in a variety of styles constructed from an assortment of materials. These chairs offer safety features including: swinging footrests, detachable armrests, wheels, plush seats and attachable handles or backs. An alternative to the handicapped shower chair is the rolling shower chair. People can enter the shower stall alone by using one of these chairs. Rolling shower chairs are generally constructed of plastic, steel or teak wood.

Most shower chairs have a weight capacity, so be sure to choose the correct one. Most chairs can hold a maximum of 250 or 300 pounds. The more durable type can hold up to 400 pounds. Certain models and ones with extra features are more expensive than basic chairs.

Inexpensive chairs start at $25 dollars, while high-end chairs can cost two thousand dollars or more.  A low-priced chair may suit your needs, so compare prices and models online. When ordering online, shipping may be free and no sales tax is charged in most states.

Local medical supply stores usually have quite a few types of handicapped shower chairs, but their prices may be higher than those of online retailers. Also, it is a good idea to check to see if shower chairs are covered under your health insurance policy.

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