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A Cure for HIV and Baldness Found by UCLA

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Scientists from the famous University of California in Los Angeles have recently introduced us to two great new discoveries – a cure for baldness and another remedy, for no other than the notoriously fatal HIV virus. Although a few researchers from other academic institutes put these new findings to a great doubt, things certainly look promising enough for humanity to be rejoicing for entering a new era. Let’s jump into some details.

While actually trying to study a leukemia treatment, the scientists from UCLA ended up finding a new surprising cure for HIV. Patient Timothy Ray Brown from Berlin remains free of his HIV virus, even five years after the treatment. Some scientists believe that the virus still exists but in such low amounts that it is impossible for our equipment to locate. However, there is absolutely no scientific basis to their claims, and the fact remains that Timothy is the first patient ever to have been cured out of HIV. They have already begun working harder to further study the cure and make it available for millions of the people worldwide within a few years from now. We certainly have what to expect.

The second discovery is certainly not as life saving as the HIV one, but still it is something humankind had a long fight with. While trying to experiment with a new anti stress artificial hormone, scientists managed to cure old lab mice from baldness, and completely regrew their hair. Not only that, but younger mice were prevented from actually having any sort of baldness in the first place. These findings came with a huge sense of surprise and accomplishment, since it means that there is indeed a bright and hairy future for all of the people all over the world who suffer from hair loss. Only time will tell how effective these cures really are.

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