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5 Reasons to Consider Buying a Halogen Floor Lamp

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There are a number of reasons why the halogen floor lamp is gaining popularity. If you are considering the way you light your home and are thinking of a change, it’s worth thinking about switching to halogen lamps.

1. Cost effective.

Although the initial cost can seem pretty steep, because of the way the halogen lamp is made, it’s life-span is quite a bit longer than the average regular lamp or light. They don’t burn out as fast, making replacements are not required so frequently. They also consume less electricity, making them more cost-effective in the long run.

2. Easy to install and use.

These floor lamps don not require a lot of effort to install – most are just plugged into the nearest power source and are ready to use. Replacing parts is more complicated, so would need a professional to help, but in general, using and maintaining a halogen lamp is relatively easy.

3. A more pleasant light.

While regular lamps tend to shine on a certain area, the halogen lamp works in a way that gives more of a glow and bounces off the walls and ceiling to make for a “warmer” glow. A lot of the floor lamps come with a dimmer switch so you can chose how bright you want them as well.

4. Easier on the eyes.

Incandescent lights can make the eyes tired over time, giving some people headaches or just an uncomfortable feeling for the eyes. Because of the way halogen lights glow, they’re much easier on the eyes in general.

5. Many types to chose from.

There is a variety of styles and makes of halogen lamps. No matter what your need is, there is probably a make that will suit you.

One brief warning: Halogen lights tend to heat up very quickly. Make sure you give them breaks, don’t leave them on as a night light all night long, and don’t cover with any kind of lamp shades (other than the integrated shade they come with). Keep them out of reach of children who could be burned as well.

Overall, the halogen floor lamp is a wise investment if you’re looking for a cost-effective, pretty way to light your home.

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