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3 Unusual, Yet Essential Home Additions

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My home is my playground in many ways. I love to try out new furniture, or gadgets to play around with and decorate with, which results in a somewhat unusual collection of things in my living room, or lying around other parts of the house. Here are three especially newer, and unique, things I’ve added to the house.

Ever since seeing a home improvement catalog with a whole section of front doors for homes, I’ve wanted to replace our front door. It was expensive and so we had to save, but we finally had the chance to do it, and the results are great. We ended up getting a glass door with glass that was cut in a way to refract light and cast a variety of colors and rainbows through the living room at different times of day. In my mind it’s a double purchase in that way.

I love to play piano, and as such I’ve owned a baby grand piano for a number of years. Well, I decided to move it into the living room to give people something to look at other than the TV – which left the living room soon after. I’ll give people something to draw their attention – the sound, or at least the suggestion, of music. It’s very tempting, I’ve found.

Finally, for awhile I had a treadmill in the living room to run on in the winter. I had gotten it on a whim when I saw used treadmills for sale advertised in the paper, and it was great to have while watching TV. Like I said though, tastes and seasons change, so it’s gone now, but I would bring it back next winter.

These three things made the living room a very productive room, and yet they didn’t seem odd. Guests were intrigued when they saw them, and that made me very satisfied with my home overall.

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